List Flats Repairs Rebuilds
Even if you buy a bicycle of quality and keep its chain oiled and its tires inflated, if it is in use some parts will wear out. Repairs are really all we do -- whether the bike being fixed is to be sold or returned to a customer. We would be happy to look at any bicycle you might like to repair, no matter how bad it looks. Bicycles can almost always be repaired.

How the repair process works:

  1. Bring your bike anytime (N.B. hours fluctuate). Flat tires and quick repairs are always done on-the-spot.
  2. If your bike cannot be fixed on-the-spot or needs a tune-up, we offer a free estimate -- takes 10-15 minutes. Tune-ups, with parts, tend to fall within the $100-$300+tx range. Given a mutually-acceptable plan, Solocycle will request a small deposit and put your bike in a queue to be repaired.
  3. Please be patient as your bike makes its way to the front of the line -- takes 2-14 days, no promises. If you need it faster, for twice the labour charge you can go to the head of the line, or you can bring your bike during the off-season, October-March, when it will be done in a day or two.
  4. You will receive a phone call indicating that the repair is complete. Pick it up at your convenience (within reason).
  5. You will be presented with your bicycle, a recap of the repair work done, tips to help improve your cycling experience and minimise repair costs, and answers to your questions.
  6. If anything is not to your satisfaction, come back and any mechanical or comfort issues will be remedied on-the-spot or A.S.A.P.

Solocycle's mission is to provide honest service and expert mechanical work. This means that every customer is presented with the most clear picture possible of the scope of the repairs needed and every bicycle repaired receives a meticulous degree of care. Come in any time and we will evaluate your bicycle, pointing out any and all parts which ought to be replaced, in order of priority. With our Complete Tune-Up and some replacement parts, your bicycle can function as new indefinitely.

If you do not want to fix everything right away, we can compromise by replacing the highest priority parts only. If you are not in love with your bike and do not feel it is worth the investment, you will not be pushed or tricked into spending your money on a repair which will not make you happy. As always, our goal is to find the best solution to suit your cycling needs.