List Flats Repairs Rebuilds
Are you having difficulty finding the perfect bicycle? Maybe the bicycles you have seen were the wrong size or were not comfortable for you. Maybe they were not appropriate for the type of use you desire, or lacked important features. Maybe the design you seek is simply not mass produced, or maybe it is but costs more than you want to pay.

At Solocycle, you can be your own bicycle's designer. Explain what you want it to do, how you want it to look, and together we can create the ideal vehicle for your needs, starting with the right frame, and continuing to choose the right parts and accessories. With your imagination and our expertise, anything is possible.

To price our custom rebuilds, we start with the price of the most similar bike for sale on the floor and adjust it up or down depending on the parts to be use. They come with the same guarantee in the first month as our repairs and bikes for sale. They are also repaired at a reduced rate.