List Flats Repairs Rebuilds
Flat tires are unavoidable: if your ride enough, you will eventually pop a tire. You can reduce your chances of getting a flat by inflating your tires to their maximum pressure on a regular schedule. Most bikes need their tires topped-up a couple times a month due to the porous rubber allowing the pressurised air to escape slowly. 700C23 racing tires need to be inflated to their maximum pressure every single week! Also, kevlar-reinforced tires are without a doubt worth the extra cost.

When you bring your bike to Solocycle to have its flat tire repaired, you will receive a very thorough service. Flat tires are always fixed on the spot. The cause of the puncture is identified, then your tire is cleaned inside and out to remove debris. The flat tire is reinstalled with a new tube, then both of your tires are inflated to maximum, your chain is oiled, and your brakes checked and possibly tightened or quickly adjusted.

The terms which apply after the work is done are also favourable. If your bike needs a tune-up, you will get an estimate and if you come back for your tune-up within a certain amount of time, part of the cost of fixing the flat will be credited to you, reducing the cost of the tune-up. There is also a one-month limited guarantee on flat tires: if the tire goes flat again due to a defective tube or incorrect installation, it will be fixed again free of charge. If you get another flat for any other reason, front or rear, it will be repaired at half-price.