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Solocycle's Tuesday-Friday schedule is variable, though the shop always opens at 9 am Saturday from spring through fall (never open Sunday-Monday). The schedule is posted below by Tuesday morning at the latest and may change mid-week. Feel free to e-mail grahamgw@gmail.com for a response within forty-eight hours.

2017/Nov/06: Solocycle will be open five days a week until the end of November.

Has your bike seen some action this year? Will you ride it next year? Can you store it indoors above freezing? Fix your bike at season's end! Here's why:

-No delay, and who cares anyway it's cold
-2017 prices
-Unhurried, meticulous work
-Autumn promotions! Extra work for no extra charge! ...
...with complete tune-up, get your wheels' hubs completely cleaned and repacked so they spin smoother for longer
...for complete T.U. on a winter bike, get your pedal threads, stem and bottom bracket greased so your parts never rust stuck into your frame

Let other people wait a week or more next spring for their tune-ups. Pay less, wait less and get more this fall! Solocycle will be open five days a week throughout October, but at some point in November will close up for months, so don't wait!

Schedule for the week of 12 - 18 November:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Closed Closed 11-5 10-5 10-5 10-5 9-5

Welcome to Solocycle, your source for bicycle solutions!

Solocycle is a bicycle repair shop which provides courteous service and meticulous mechanical work. On-road bikes -- racers, hybrids and classics -- are our speciality, but we can fix anything with two wheels and no motor. Each repair benefits from ten years of full-time experience in bicycle maintenance and tens of thousands of kilometres of real-world cycling experience. Most of the parts of a bicycle can last 10,000+ km, and one cannot go for a walk in Montreal without seeing a forty-year-old bike still on the road. Buy a good bike once, service it regularly at Solocycle and it will look and work great, forever. Click here for details on Solocycle's repair services.

Thanks for reading, hope to meet you one day!

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