Your Mechanics
Your Mechanic

My name is Graham. I have been working with bicycles since 2004, when I got my first job as a bicycle messenger, two days a week, in Toronto. In 2005, I moved to Montreal. I worked full time as a bicycle messenger for two companies. In 2007, I began working full-time as a bicycle mechanic, and since then I have worked for five of Montreal's bicycle shops. I can count ten years of full-time experience as a mechanic, and eight as a salesman and shop manager.

My passion for bikes stems from their utility as a fast means of urban transportation, though I love all kinds of bicycles. My bicycles transport me and my cargo around town and keep me happy and healthy at the same time. I started my own bicycle shop because nothing would please me more to spend my days restoring and transforming bicycles, as I believe that now and in future we all need as much exercise and as little gasoline as possible. I also believe that I am capable of doing a better job making you, the cyclists of Montreal, happy with your bicycles than I could working for another shop. When you come to Solocycle, you will deal directly with me: together we will form a plan to make your bicycle work the way you want it to, I will repair it myself, and I will personally return it to you. There is little room for mistakes and miscommunication -- you will not have to deal with multiple employees who may misinterpret your wishes as your bicycle is passed from one to another.

I have always worked to balance the happiness of my customers with the bottom line of my shop, and I believe it is possible to have a win-win situation where customers are happy and feel respected, their bicycles are beautiful and expertly maintained, and the shop stays in business. Please call or come visit me, and we will see if I am the right choice to be your bicycle mechanic.